Residential Rental Process & Applications

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Rental Process &Application – Residential

The Application Process

  • A separate application is required for each applicant 18 years or older regardless if applicants have the same last name.
  • We accept the first completed and qualified application.
  • Your qualified application is valid for 45 days for any of our rentals which you qualify to rent.
  • Applicant(s) must view the exterior and interior of the property before submitting the Security Deposit. The property will remain on the rental market until the Security Deposit has been received.
  • If you have a dog  we require you to bring your dog to our office for viewing along with written legal documentation to substantiate ownership and status – before the application can be accepted.
  • All applications are subject to a NON-REFUNDABLE processing fee of $40.00 per applicant.
  • The application process takes approximately 5-7 days. Complete and accurate information on the application will speed up the verification process.
  • An incomplete and/or illegible application will not be processed and can result in delays.

How To Apply

  • Click on the “Download – Print Application” button below to open & view the application.
  • Click on the “Complete Application Online” button to use the editable pdf form and submit electronically through a secured process. There are two (2) pages to fill out. Use the preview pane on the left side of the PDFfiller to toggle between the two pages.
  • The application must be completed in its entirety. A completed and legible application will make the process go smoother and quicker.
  • We review all applications prior to accepting payment for the processing fee. If you are visiting our office in person, please allow up to 45 minutes for this review.

How To Remit The Application

  • Option 1 – Enter the requested information directly through our PDFfiller site and click “DONE” button to send electronically.
  • Option 2 – Print the form, fill it out in black ink, scan and email to:  or fax to (707) 869-1739.
  • Option 3 – Visit our office to fill out or submit an application in person.
  • We review all applications prior to accepting payment for the processing fee. If you are visiting our office in person, please allow up to 45 minutes for this review.

How To Pay Application Fee

  • All application processing fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • No personal checks are accepted.
  • VISA or MASTERCARD accepted in person, by phone or electronically by including on the bottom of page two of the application.

Pre-approval Process

  • Your application may be pre-approved prior to viewing or choosing an available rental listing.
  • If the application is completed and qualified, it is valid for up to 45 days towards any listing you qualify for.
  • We do not guarantee that the rental you are interest in will be available with the 45 days.


In addition to the above items we require the following:

  • The vessel must be fully self-contained.
  • A current photo of the vessel with the camera date shown on the photo.
  • Current registration of the vessel with proof of insurance.
  • NOTE *the vessel must be registered in the name of the person applying & occupying.


  • INCOME that can be legally verified. This shows us your ability to pay the rent.
  • CREDIT HISTORY that shows consistent on-time payments with lines of credit. This shows us your willingness to pay the rent. Late payments, delinquent utilities, charge offs and collections can be detrimental.
  • RENTAL REFERENCES from the past four years that are favorable. This shows us how you take care of a property. Renting from family or friends does not constitute a reference.


  • Valid Government photo  identification such as driver’s license, State identification card, passport or military ID.
  • Legal documentation to substantiate proof of income, such as pay stubs, bank statements, 1099 forms or federal tax returns.

All applicants are entitled to a free copy of their credit report.

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