Utility FAQs

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Utility FAQs

Which utilities do I need to sign up for?

At the time you pay the security deposit to hold a property, we will give you a list of the utility companies you need to contact in order to start up service with.

How soon do I need to get the utilities put into my name?

You are responsible for starting service with the utility companies either on or just before your move-in date.

What if the utility companies are unable to locate my new address?

If a utility company is unable to locate your new address, call our office and we can get you the information you need so that they can locate the property.

Some of my utilities are billed directly by D & G – how does that work?

Your Deposit Receipt and Rental Agreement will both state whether your utilities are to be placed in your name, or billed by D & G or the property owner.

Will the utility companies require a deposit?

It is possible that some utility companies may require a deposit. Please contact them directly for further information.

When is trash pick-up day?

When signing your rental agreement, you will receive a Welcome Packet, which includes a Tenant Guidebook that contains helpful information about utilities, including the trash pick-up day for your area. If you have any questions about trash pick-up, you can contact the trash removal company directly. Their contact information is listed on the HELPFUL PHONE NUMBERS.

Does my rental have recycling service?

Yes! We are very much pro-recycling, and so most of our rentals have recycling available. Please refer to your Welcome Packet for more information.

What if I don’t put the utilities in my name before I move in?

Failure to put utilities in your name will result in additional fees charged by D & G for contacting and billing tenant. Cost will depend on the time processing.

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